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About Us
In the center of a 35 square-mile-city amid a town of 33,600 families is the tight-knit community of St. Raphael Catholic School. Through the shared value of enriching their children's lives with a Catholic education, 185 school families partner with the school faculty to create a unique learning environment in which the otherwise large town of Naperville, Illinois seems a little bit smaller.

St. Raphael Catholic School educates Kindergarten through Eighth grade with an average enrollment of 310 students under the authority of the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois. The school was established in 1961 and consists of thirty-eight talented faculty and staff. St. Raphael believes in educating the whole child spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. We believe in providing our students with opportunities which will develop a community of faith in service to our parish community as well as to others.

What makes St. Raphael one of the premier schools in the Joliet Diocese? Is it the faculty? The students? The parents? The answer, to all, is a resounding, "Yes!"

The belief in this educational philosophy is the reason for the continued success of the school. It is the reason the classrooms are full each fall. It is the reason for the active parental involvement in the Home & School Association. It is the reason that our teachers continue their vocation at St. Raphael, and it is the reason that parents are willing to make the financial commitment to Catholic education in a town so highly regarded for its own commitment to public education.

We invite you to see for yourself what makes St. Raphael Catholic School so special. We hope your family will soon be joining our school families in calling St. Raphael Catholic School your community.
Spirituality and community service are the center of St. Raphael School. Students reach out into the community to support life-changing organizations such as Loaves and Fishes, Feed My Starving Children, HESED House, and Sharing Connections.
Over 95% of our eighth graders are accepted into the top high school of their choice; 90% of the students choose Catholic high schools.

We at St. Raphael Catholic School believe our mission is to educate the whole child spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.  To achieve our mission of educating the whole child, St. Raphael School emphasizes the use of planned curriculum which is sequential and based on the differing needs, learning styles and potential of our students.  We recognize the importance of each child's cultural background.  We believe in encouraging academic excellence, respecting ourselves and others, and taking responsibility for our actions.  St. Raphael School offers an atmosphere in which the teachings of Jesus and the principles of the Catholic faith can be learned and lived.

We believe that this can only be accomplished through a partnership of the home and the school.  We believe parents are the primary educators of their children and that the educational process compliments their efforts.  We seek, recognize and encourage active parental involvement in the education process.  This support and involvement is essential to the success of our school.

We believe our co-educational Catholic school has an active role in the teaching mission of the Catholic Church.  We encourage the students to be involved in the spreading of Christ's message and to participate in all aspects of worship.  We promote the development of Christian growth by encouraging the children of St. Raphael School to achieve a love of service to their school, parish community and to the world.


By choosing a Catholic school for your child, you value the ongoing process of faith formation that begins in early childhood.  St. Raphael Catholic School keeps these goals at the forefront of curriculum development for children from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, and instills learned values that will last a lifetime.


Students are taught the gospel values of love, forgiveness, honesty, compassion and service, as well as the difference between right and wrong. Through studying the Commandments, Beatitudes, virtues and the teachings of the Church, they come to recognize Jesus as their hero and model.


An important part of the schools religion program and are tied to the seasonal celebrations of the Church.  The students will learn about:

  • Prayer Services
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Eucharist Adoration
  • Masses
  • Meditation
  • Retreats

St. Raphael has a dynamic service ministry program that encourages and promotes Christian stewardship, providing opportunities for parish and student service projects. 

St. Raphael Catholic Church provides a myriad of Adult Faith Formation opportunities to help parents strengthen and deepen their relationship with God, empowering families to engage in faith formation together. All school parents and parishioners can take advantage of programs such as: Generations of Faith (WINGS), Christ Renews His Parish, CREEDS Bible study, Moms-in-Prayer, and Me-God-Mothering.

Student behaviors reflect respect, courtesy, citizenship, and kindness.  The students use several different types of prayer appropriate to their age.  St. Raphael uses many different programs to aid the students in moral decision making.
Students are engaged, helpful, polite, and happy learners who are respectful of adults and supportive of peers.  Peace Makers Program provides a variety of options for students to interact with each other and solve problems peacefully.
The faith formation of students at St. Raphael School is described as, "...not just based on knowledge, but on life skills and integration of the Gospel message."  The students observed during Religion classes were involved in dynamic discussions of their faith at the junior high level.  The younger students engaged in faith sharing at their appropriate age level.  There are several events planned at the school that provide opportunities for students to become actively involved in their faith.