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We would like to introduce you to St. Raphael Catholic School.  St. Raphael School has a strong commitment to Catholic education and is dedicated to a quality, progressive education within a nurturing environment.  St. Raphael provides an ideal environment for building moral character, integrity and a strong academic foundation.  As a Catholic School, we place the highest value on our faith and the way it touches every aspect of our lives.

Our primary goal is to empower students to identify and solve problems.  Classes center on Project Based Learning, a method by which teams of students explore real-world problems in a hands on environment.  Our teachers are dedicated to guiding students in their academic and spiritual development.  They have been educated in the latest instructional methods and trained as catechists, with many holding advanced degrees.
We invite you to set up an appointment and visit our school and observe the classrooms.  We also encourage you to have your child shadow in the school for a morning or for the entire day.  Please call or fill out the form to set up a time to visit St. Raphael.  Mary Rehfield, Principal

Our Address
St. Raphael Catholic School

1215 Modaff Road
Naperville, IL 60540

Phone: 630-355-1880

Fax: 630-615-7734

Parent Testimonial
"I love St. Raphael School for many reasons. One of them is how well they know our children and our family and really care for all of us. I also think they are always looking at better ways to teach and work with our children. I love that God is always a part of their day and that the children are comfortable talking about God and working at Masses. This will follow them for their life and is a continuation of what we try to do in our own home. I have also talked to teachers over the years when an issue came up and I have been happy at the help they have given to my children during difficult times."
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High School Testimonials
Bill Dickson, Director of Admission, Marmion Academy "Students from St. Raphael Catholic School who have matriculated to Marmion Academy have worked in highly positive ways to better themselves and our school.  Add to this the seamless transition to our Benedictine tradition of a desire for God and a love for learning, and you truly have students who are worthy of our admiration."
Raeann Huhn, Principal, St. Francis High School "St. Raphael Catholic School graduates thrive on the campus of St. Francis High School. In 2012, ten graduates tested into St. Francis from St. Raphael Catholic School. Those students averaged in the top 27% of the nation on the entrance exam. The quality of education from St. Raphael Catholic School prepares their students to excel in a college preparatory environment."
Stephen Marth, Principal, Benet Academy "Benet Academy finds St. Raphael School students to be well-prepared academically to meet the demands of a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum. Moreover, we recognize in them and their supportive parents a strong commitment to our Catholic faith and a willingness to contribute their time and efforts to our Catholic, Benedictine mission."