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SRCS Directory
The school office is open from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  Open communication between parents and teachers is encouraged and important to us.  A weekly newsletter is sent from the office every Thursday to keep you informed of current events.

School Information

St. Raphael School    630-355-1880
Absences & Tardiness   Ext. 7690
Extended Day Care    Ext. 7668
District 203 Bus Info   630-420-6464
Faculty Email
Pastor  Fr. Dan Bachner dbachner@st-raphael.com
Associate Pastor  Fr. Maciej Stelmach mstelmach@st-raphael.com
Assistant Principal
Mrs. Mary Rehfield
Mrs. Jennifer Tiimons
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Donna King dking@st-raphaelschool.org
Secretary Mrs. Angie Solloway asolloway@st-raphaelschool.org
Director of Finance  Ms. Marian Johnston mjohnston@st-raphael.com
Parish Bookkeeper Mrs. Lauren Messina lmessina@st-raphael.com
Kindergarten  Miss Molly Schmieder mschmieder@st-raphaelschool.org
Kindergarten Mrs. Carna Torrico ctorrico@st-raphaelschool.org
Grade 1  Mrs. Nicole Lacy nlacy@st-raphaelschool.org
Grade 2 Mrs. Lori Kinkin lkinkin@st-raphaelschool.org
Grade 3 Miss Amanda Siegel asiegel@st-raphaelschool.org
Grade 4  Mrs. Adelynn Bartelt abartelt@st-raphaelschool.org
Grade 5 Mrs. Alysia Daun adaun@st-raphaelschool.org
Grade 6 Mr. Brandon Daun bdaun@st-raphaelschool.org
Grade 7  Mr. Andrew Elberts aelberts@st-raphaelschool.org            
Grade 8  Ms. Lauri Riggen lriggen@st-raphaelschool.org
Art Instructor  Mrs. Donna Infante dinfante@st-raphaelschool.org
Campus Ministry  Mrs. Cathleen Loversky cloversky@st-raphaelschool.org
Counselor  Miss Megan Heniff mheniff@cc-doj.org
Health Records Mrs. Julie Lewis jlewis@st-raphaelschool.org
Jr. High Math and Science Mrs. Emily Exline eexline@st-raphaelschool.org
Librarian  Mrs. Mary Beth Boland mboland@st-raphaelschool.org
Resource Mrs. Maria Sarolas msarolas@st-raphaelschool.org
Lunch Program Mrs. Lisa O'Connell
Lunch Program Mrs. Laura Pasquale
Music/Band Instructor  Mrs. Elle Pressly epressly@st-raphaelschool.org
Physical Education  Mrs. Diane Cook dcook@st-raphaelschool.org
Resource Mrs. Jane Marie Portelli jportelli@st-raphaelschool.org
Reading  Mrs. Kathy Tierney ktierney@st-raphaelschool.org
Resource Mrs. Laura Saros lsaros@st-raphaelschool.org
SS & Language Arts Mrs. Michelle Krzmarzick mkrzmarzick@st-raphaelschool.org
Spanish Mrs. Jamie Mejias jmejias@st-raphaelschool.org
Math, Grades 2-7 Mr. Jason Anderson janderson@st-raphaelschool.org
Teacher Assistant   Mrs. Mary Dzieginski mdzieginski@st-raphaelschool.org
Teacher Assistant  Mrs. Heather Field hfield@st-raphaelschool.org
Teacher Assistant  Mrs. Jennifer Ruzicka jruzicka@st-raphaelschool.org
Teacher Assistant  Mrs. Beth Fuhrmann bfuhrmann@st-raphaelschool.org
Teacher Assistant  Mrs. Niki Anderson nanderson@st-raphaelschool.org
Teacher Assistant   Mrs. Julie Lewis jlewis@st-raphaelschool.org
Teacher Assistant  Mrs. Heidi Sullivan hsullivan@st-raphaelschool.org
Technology Mrs. Carole Ross cross@st-raphaelschool.org