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What to Expect

Life at St. Raphael Catholic School is rich with educational, social, service, and spiritual events which bring our community closer and enhance fellowship with each other.  Throughout the academic year, students and parents alike benefit from enriching experiences that enhance learning, faith formation, and friendship.  Each Fall, we gather for Curriculum Night.  It's a high-level overview of the school years objectives and where parents meet with Teachers to understand the curriculum and practices for each grade level.   

Students enjoy one-of-a-kind events throughout the year, such as school assemblies, author visits and annual class field trips.  The field trips range from visits to Fermilab, the Mexican Fine Arts Museum, and the Shrine of St. Therese to name just a few.  The band and IMSA Fusion students also experience high school and collegiate trips.

Numerous events—offered at our school by its talented staff—such as Geography Day and our Veteran's Day Commemoration, are uniquely part of the St. Raphael culture.  The Fall FUNdraiser is in November, Choral & Band concerts in December, and Living Stations of the Cross in March.  While there are many more events held throughout the year; these examples are a glimpse of what you can expect at St. Raphael in addition to its celebrated academic excellence.



Educators recognize the wisdom of continuing the curriculum begun in the classroom at home. It is the parents obligation to provide a place and time conducive to study. Homework time does not necessarily have to be spent in writing.  Reading and studying are considered homework.  Parents should never do a child's homework or permit anyone else to do it for the child.  Parents should, however, frequently check the work when completed. The average student can expect to spend the following approximate amount of time on homework each night.

Homework Minutes
Kindergarten 15 - 20
Grade 1 15 - 30
Grade 2 & 3 30 - 45
Grade 4 - 6 45 - 75
Grade 7 & 8 60 - 120



Mrs. Donna King, "The foundation my own children received while students at St. Raphael Catholic School set them up to be successful and caring young adults."

Mrs. Mary Beth Boland "St. Raphael School is about educating the whole child. We care about our students' success in school and in life."

Mrs. Angela Graefenhain "St. Raphael Catholic School supports me in my passion for art through the enthusiasm for my program, a terrific art room equipped with easels, a kiln, potter's wheel, and valuable tools and supplies. I love sharing it all with the kids!"

Mrs. Lauri Riggen "St. Raphael is a true family of learners. We care about education but we also care about each other."

Mrs. Laura Saros "St. Raphael is a wonderful place to serve. Parents, students and teachers have each made a strong commitment to education and through this teamwork, we do make a difference in the lives of our children."

Mrs. Angelita Solloway "St. Raphael School has been the best experience for my three children in every way, academically, spiritually and self-esteem."

Guiding Gracefully
In faith we learn, grow, and prosper; together we can achieve anything.  Join us at St. Raphael Catholic School where faith is in our hearts and guidance is in our classrooms.  We teach the students the foundation for success; as these building blocks are the first steps in their educational voyage.
Student References
  • We make friends & get a great education.
  • Project Peace gives us a chance to interact with other grades & work out problems.
  • We have prayer during school, talk about Jesus, have Mass every Friday which we get to help plan & participate.
  • We have a fun, but challenging curriculum.
  • We wear uniforms so everyone feels equal.
  • We have fundraisers to help our community not just our school.
  • We learn a new language (Spanish) & about their culture.
  • We learn about artists & different forms of art.
  • We learn at our own level (separate math & reading groups).
  • We have dedicated & caring teachers.
  • We have a great technology program
    • Smartboards
    • ALEKS
    • Wordles
    • Keyboarding skills
    • Responders
Celebrating Birthdays at St. Raphael is fun for everyone.  When its your child's' birthday the school office announces it over the public address system.  The birthday child is given a special birthday pencil.  Each classroom celebrates the students birthday uniquely to each grade.  For example in Kindergarten, the child celebrates his or her occasion over a three day event.  First the child creates a poster to tell the class about themselves, the second day they have show and tell, then the third day the parent(s) visit to read stories to the class.

In lieu of food treats, parents are encouraged to compile and donate a birthday bag to a local food pantry.  The birthday bags would include items for another child to celebrate his or her birthday such as cake mix, invitations, candles etc.,. 
Achieving Responsible Christians

Beginning with the 2013-14 School Year, St. Raphael School implemented our ARC Angel program.  The Achieving Responsible Christians program is designed to achieve a school climate that fosters successful behavior and academic success.   All students and teachers are expected to exhibit the positive traits of Achieving Responsible Christians. Some expectations include:  respecting the hallway rules of no talking and walking on the ride hand side, saying “please” and “thank you”, participating reverently and prayerfully during Mass, etc.

This is a school wide behavior program with the same level of expectation of behavior from our kindergarten students to eighth grade students.  Each classroom teacher is able to give out individual rewards such as prizes from a prize box, extra computer time, no homework passes, etc.  After earning a specific number of classroom rewards, the students are able to turn in their rewards for a larger prize from the school office.  The number of rewards required increases by grade.  All names of students earning ARC Angel rewards throughout the year are put into a large container and a grand prize winner(s) is pulled from the jar at the end of the school year.  Working as a school-wide team has helped maintain a positive environment for students to thrive and succeed. 

Student Services

At St. Raphael Catholic School educating the child reaches beyond the academic curriculum.  Students are able to participate in special studied activities that are open to our intermediate and junior high students.  Students may volunteer for such positions as: student council member, yearbook staff member, library aide, office aide, lunch aide, and ARC Angel leader.    These offerings help enrich the students breadth and depth of knowledge reinforcing teamwork and giving back to the community.  This is another example of how a St. Raphael education is enlightening future leaders.