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Dress Code

You may purchase your uniforms from any source you would like, but please note that for "one stop shopping" Educational Outfitters is our approved uniform vendor for all dress and gym uniform items.   Please see the FAQ's below for the updated guidelines.

Quick Links to approved vendors   

When purchasing from the above vendors, please use the school codes for your purchase.  A portion of the sale proceeds will be returned to the school.  Parents' cooperation in helping us to enforce the uniform policy is essential.  The faculty and administration are authorized to enforce the policy.  It is the expectation of the School Board that the faculty, administration and parents will work together to follow the regulation.

St. Raphael School Uniform Catalog
Uniform Exchange

There is also the option to purchase your uniforms and spirit wear through the St. Raphael Closet Uniform Exchange program.  If you would like to participate in this program, please contact the school office to see who chairs this event.  The chairperson will let you know how to label your items to prepare them for the gently used sale.  You may select to retain the profits or donate the proceeds to Home and School.

Lost and Found
Parents are urged to label all articles such as clothing, books, scarves, boots, etc. with their children's first and last names to facilitate their return when these items are lost.  All found articles will be kept in the school Lost & Found box that is located in the school office.  Parents and students will be notified periodically when these items will be donated to charity.