• Coordinate Various Fundraisers

  • Work Together in Education

Home & School Association
The Home and School Association is equivalent to the PTA or PTO of a public school.  All parents with children attending St. Raphael Catholic School are members of the Home & School Association.  Our main purpose is to bring the home and school into a closer relationship to the benefit of our children.  We do this by welcoming and inviting each family to support and become an active participant in the school.  We are responsible for enhancing and enriching each child's educational experience by coordinating the fundraisers which provide for the "extras" that are not allocated funds in the school budget.
The purpose of the monthly meetings is to keep you informed of events, activities, and any changes that are ongoing.  It also gives you an opportunity to share your concerns and questions with the board.
If you have small children at home there are still opportunities for parents to volunteer.  Many of these positions allow for young children to be present.  In most cases siblings are welcome in the classroom.  In other cases babysitting is offered.  All that is asked is that common sense prevail when choosing the appropriate opportunity for your family.
Are you wondering how to juggle work and volunteering?  There are multiple opportunities for parents who work outside or inside of their homes to contribute on various levels.  Both Moms and Dads are welcome and very much needed to help support our school.
Board Members
The Home & School Board and Association members are committees made up of five people members each.  These positions serve a two year term and are selected by a Shared Wisdom Process.  After a prayer to the Holy Spirit for direction, a name is chosen from the nonimees who have submitted a form.