Kindergarten – First Grade

  • Students interact in the target language as they learn and apply new vocabulary and phrases.
  • Each lesson is comprehensive, adaptable, and engaging enough to reach out to every learning style.

Second – Fourth Grade

  • Lessons are vocabulary centered with some grammar applications.
  • Students use the target language to communicate in simple sentences.
  • Students apply basic translating skills to achieve reading comprehension.
  • Students are able to produce simple sentences in order to communicate a complete thought.

Fifth – Eighth Grade

  • Lessons are vocabulary centered with grammar applications increasing in difficulty based on grade level.
  • Students use the target language to communicate a complete thought with correct pronunciation.
  • Students use the target language to write complete sentences and paragraphs using correct spelling and  grammar.
  • Students apply translation skills to achieve reading comprehension, writing, and verbal communication.
  • Students use context clues to help them determine the meaning of words they do not know.

Students practice vocabulary and grammar skills through songs, dance, games, role play, the use of up to date technology practices, teamwork, and simple and/or more complex crafts as well as in-class projects. Students also study the culture and history of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries.

Physical Education

Throughout their years at St. Raphael, students develop locomotor, manipulative and non-locomotor skills twice a week in PE classes. Students develop body, spatial and temporal awareness as well as the benefits of regular physical activity and personal fitness. Students also develop listening skills and safety awareness. They learn to understand, appreciate and apply rules, regulations, strategies and etiquette for movement, dance, games and sports.


Students participate in weekly art classes exploring different mediums and broadening their creativity.